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Welcome to The Blue Dot Perspective…

Hi, my name’s Aaron Millar. I’m an award-winning travel writer and photographer. The Blue Dot Perspective, for me, is a state of mind that’s connected to the natural world and immersed in the adventure of life. It’s about being an explorer and being open to new ideas and new ways of being. That’s what fuels my writing, and that’s what I’m hoping to share here. If you love adventure, writing, ideas and photography we’ll get on well.

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Featured Articles


Navajo Medicine Man Ceremony | Encounter

Navajo Medicine Man Ceremony

The medicine man sits before a pile of hot coals spread out on the compacted red earth floor of his Hogan – the traditional home of the Navajo.  “This is Native American church,” he tells me, pulling shiny black arrowheads and Golden Eagle feathers from his wooden medicine box, and twisting a thick translucent crystal before the flames.

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Interview Ryoei Takagi: Shugendo Monk | Encounter

Interview Ryoei Takagi: Shugendo Monk

Whilst walking the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage Trail in Japan I had a rare opportunity to interview a Shugendo monk.  The entire Kumano region is sacred to the followers of Shugendo who have  lived and walked these arduous mountain slopes for thousands of years. read more…