Learn travel writing


I lecture on travel writing at Acadia University in London every summer as well as run workshops throughout the year. I also host 1-1 Skype tutorials, which can be tailor-made to your specific needs. If you’re interested in learning travel writing … or just trying to figure out a way to travel more without breaking the bank, my courses can help you.


Moonlight as a travel writer


Being a full time travel writer is tricky, but with a few insider secrets I believe any one can moonlight as one. That means paid adventures every year and the chance to see and do incredible things for a fraction of the price. Writing talent helps, but it’s not essential. The key is understanding what ideas sell to editors, learning how to write a professional pitch and knowing how to negotiate with the travel industry. I also cover simple writing techniques that will dramatically improves your travel writing in no time. And I’m always available for feedback on your work … 


Topics we’ll cover include:

  • The secret of professional travel writers
  • Understanding the Industry
  • Generating ideas that sell
  • Pitching: the magic formula
  • On the road: secrets of the pros
  • Structuring professional travel articles
  • Writing beautiful copy
  • Insider tips
  • Living the dream: one free adventure every year for the rest of your life


Contact me for prices, options, discounts and more.