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50 Greatest Wonders of the World

Award-winning travel writer Aaron Millar reveals the greatest wonders of the world and the insider secrets of how to see them best. From where to catch the perfect sunrise over the Grand Canyon to how to swim up to the very edge of Victoria Falls, this is a road map for discovering the greatest experiences of your life.

Features new and never-seen-before wonders, including: the Large Hadron Collider, the most complicated machine ever built, The International Space Station, the greatest peacetime collaboration in the history of the world, and the Rio Carnival, the biggest party on the planet.

Reveals the hidden, lesser-known stories behind the wonders of the world: Bristlecone Pines, at 5,000-years-old, are not just the oldest living organism on the planet, they’ve also changed our understanding of the development of human civilization; Yellowstone is not just the largest geyser basin on Earth, it’s also helping with the search for extra-terrestrial life; the Sagrada Familia is more than just a cathedral, it’s the inspiration for an entire new field of biomimicry architecture and design.


The 50 Greatest Wonders of the World reminds us how inspiring our planet really is, and how we’re a part of it.


“Aaron Millar’s travel writing is, quite simply, among the best there is – both lyrical and informative, it is a joy to read.” – Jane Knight, Travel Editor, The Times


“Aaron Millar’s travel writing is always inspiring, insightful and compelling. This book is a fascinating read and will make you want to get up and see the world.” – Pat Ridell, Editor, National Geographic Traveller


“It’s always a pleasure to read Aaron’s work – he has a great way with words and know how to bring a place/a story to life.” – Jane Dunford, Travel Editor, The Guardian


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From the Introduction

Wonder is fine dining for the soul. There is no other animal on Earth, as far as we know, that can marvel at the planet like we can, that feels awe, and humility, that is moved to tears by the sheer beauty of a sunset or the magnificence of the stars at night. Wonder is what makes us who we are. It drives us to explore, question and connect. And it is that impetus, to fill the world with all the possibilities of our imagination, which has carried us so far. Wonder is the pure joy of being alive. But we must nourish it for it to thrive. If this book aspires to one idea, it is this: live life to the full, celebrate your world and feed your spirit well.

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 Photo Credits: Grand Canyon – Photo: MeckiM@c Acropolis – Photo: Zebulon Angkor Wat- Photo: Remi Jouan Bristlecone Pines – Photo: Rick Goldwater Chauvet Cave – Photo: Thomas T. Kumbh mela – Photo: Lokankara Sagrada Familia – Photo: Sagrada Família (official)