About Me

My name’s Aaron Millar and I’m a travel writer, photographer and journalist.  Before I became a writer I worked for a number of years as an artist manager in the music industry.  It was a great job, and a lot of fun, but it perpetually stressed me out.  I felt disconnected and lost.   Something was missing …

It took me a while to figure out, but I eventually realised that experiencing the world in any, and as much, of a way as you can is an inherent part of what makes life worth living.  Discovering unknown cultures, encountering new kinds people and challenging ourselves with adventure is in our DNA.  We’re wanderers all of us, curious and eager to explore.  That’s what The Blue Dot Perspective is:  a state of mind that’s connected to the natural world and immersed in the adventure of life.  If you’re bored of the boxes of modern existence, if you’re wondering if there’s a better way to be, then maybe you’re looking for The Blue Dot Perspective too.


For more information about my professional life, who I’ve written for and some of my published pieces,

please check out my portfolio.


Otherwise, here are some not very interesting facts about me:

  • I once played a gig at Brixton Academy and had so much fun I forgot to leave the stage (I wasn’t asked back).
  • I have a funny kind of hop when I walk – inherited from my Dad’s side of the family – if I try and prevent it I end up looking like a cross between John Wayne and Lilly Savage.  Not good.
  • I fell in love with travelling while ambling through Brazil in my early twenties with my best friend.  We were like wild dogs – I can’t believe we survived.
  • I play the drums and percussion – recently I’ve become obsessed with the Cajon.  It sounds amazing with an acoustic guitar.
  • I met a monk once in Japan who told me that enlightenment is found by immersing ourselves in the world around us.
  • I have a dog called Alfie – he looks like an ewok and is completely untrainable.
  • I used to manage a band/film project called 1 Giant Leap – and they’re still a big inspiration to me … check them out if you like good music and inspiring ideas www.1giantleap.tv
  • Despite being convinced I was going to be a rock n’ roll star and this was all a waste of time I somehow ended up with a degree in Philosophy – possibly the most interesting, and least useful, qualification in the world.
  • My ideal guests for a dinner party would be The Dalai Lama, Chris Sharma, Jack White and John Muir.  No girls, I know, how sad.
  • I met a rasta on Providencia Island that told me the richest man is not he who has the most, but he who needs the least.
  • I think the world is best experienced at the pace of your own two feet.  It’s how our brains have evolved.
  • My dream house would have a swimming pool with a climbing wall over the deep end for soloing.
  • My top three gigs are Radiohead Glastonbury 1996, Gill Scott Heron Finsbury Park 1999, and a couple of old blues boys in a bar in St Louis, 2001.
  • I love science fiction, sushi and tequila.
  • I hate rom coms, shellfish and gin.
  • I went back to university in my early 30’s to study psychology and very nearly became an academic, but the politics and in-squabbling put me off.  I still write about psychology whenever I can.
  • I’m 39 years old.  I have an incredibly understanding wife and 2 noisy, irrestibly cute little kids.