Enlightenment In Nature | Connection

Enlightenment In Nature

Here’s an idea: burn every self-help book you’ve ever read, ignore every piece of guru advice you’ve ever been given and just get into nature instead.  I mean really get into it.  Climb a mountain, swim a river, run a rocky shore.  The spirit is not nourished by self-reflection, it’s nourished by the world itself.  Immerse yourself in it.

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Tenerife: Stargazing | Connection

Tenerife: Stargazing

There is a moment watching stars when you suddenly get it.  I remember a summer, lying on my back in the cool night grass, and feeling that nothing could be more important then finding a way to touch those fiery distant lights.   But I never did build that rocket ship, and somewhere along the line I stopped looking up.  Not anymore.  The night is rising over Mount Teide National Park in Tenerife – one of the best places in Europe for stargazing – and I’m here to find that feeling again. read more…